Jeremiah is the owner of Huntley Barbell, a small strength and conditioning gym with a big mission. Jeremiah is a US Navy veteran and former Navy Physical Training leader who believes that strength training should be the foundation for every training program. Jeremiah is a certified kettlebell and barbell instructor through StrongFirst. While he loves the barbell and kettlebell, Jeremiah’s true passion is helping others become the strongest, healthiest versions of themselves.

The Team

  • Julie
    Julie General Fitness

    Julie graduated with a bachelors degree from Columbia College. She has been an avid crossfitter and power lifter for years. Encouraging others to achieve their goals, is a passion for her, as well as coaching any kind of strength training.  When they are not out on the sports fields, Julie and her family spend a lot of time training.  Power lifting is something that brings them together outside of their daily routine.  She has enjoyed watching her daughter compete and break records in power lifting.  Julie is married with three kids.

  • Grace
    Grace Kettlebell

    Grace graduated with a bachelors degree from Northeastern Illinois University, is a StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor, and certified personal trainer. She has a background in group fitness and has taught various formats including TRX, Spin, Boot Camps, Body Pump, and Tabata. She spends a lot of time with the Active Adult community teaching low impact strength and water therapy. Grace has a passion for helping others achieve a good strength foundation and finding the balance needed to live a healthier lifestyle. She has worked with many different fitness modalities but loves to train with the kettlebell.

  • Enrique
    Enrique General Fitness

    Enrique graduated with a degree in Exercise Science from Illinois State University.  He first joined the Barbell team as an intern and now coaches and trains full time.  Enrique has worked in clinical settings and spent some time with rehabilitation patients. He loves working with people, and is a huge advocate for those looking to take that next step to attaining goals, losing weight, and becoming stronger. When Enrique is not training, he is working towards advancing his career in Physical Therapy.